Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

We know that attending an auction for the first time is not always easy. Because we want to provide the best Auction experience possible we have collected some of the most asked questions and put them together.

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Account Creation and Sales Registration:

How do I create an account?

  • Click the button “LOG IN / REGISTER” at the top right corner of the website
  • Fill in all mandatory details as shown: Full Name, Contact Information, [E-mail and Phone Nr.], Billing, Invoicing Address, Company Data and VAT ID)
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to to stay up to date for any upcoming Sales (not mandatory)
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully and tick the Box
  • Click the button "Create Account"

You will then receive a link via email to verify your account, please follow the process and once complete you are then able to register for any of our sales.

How do I register for a sale?

After you have created an Account, you are able to register for any Sale. You can do that by either going to the Auction Calendar and click on "REGISTER FOR THIS SALE" in the bottom right corner of every auction, or if you are already viewing an Auction page, by clicking "REGISTER FOR THIS SALE" in the top right corner.

Read the sale specific Terms and Conditions, accept them by ticking the box and then clicking on "REGISTER"

Can I participate in an auction as a private person?

Maynards only sells to business customers therefore, as a private person you will not be allowed or given permission to participate in any sale.

I didn't receive a Link for verification via E-Mail, what can I do?

If you havent received your E-Mail verification Link, please first check your Junk E-Mail and your Spam. If there is still no verification E-Mail, please contact us via the CONTACT FORM

Sales and Auction Processes:

Where is my watchlist?

After the most recent update of our webpage, there is no global watchlist under "My Bids" available any longer because the "My Bids"-section was removed. As a new feature you now use the new filters "starred", "winning" and "loosing" on the top of every lot catalogue/sales event page. Now you are adding items to your local catalogue watchlist by pressing the "star"-icon that is displayed on every lot picture. Then click on the filter "starred" and you will see all marked items in the current auction where you want to place your bids.

Your benefit: You now manage your bids in the sale you are participating in. You don't have to switch between the auction catalogue and your "My Bids" section and therefore you don't have to leave the auction in the most crucial moments.

How do I place a bid?

You can place a bid by pressing the blue button associated with every lot visible with the text "BID" and beside it, the amount, pressing it automatically places a bid of the amount shown.

How do I place an autobid?

To the left of the bid button, you can place an Autobid by clicking "Place Autobid" and then choose the maximum amount (according to the bid increment steps) you wish to bid for a specific lot. The system will save your autobid amount and will automatically bid for you by the bid increment steps when you have been outbid until the amount you set is maxed out.

 Even after confirming the Autobid amount, you can always alter it by choosing a revised amount and hitting "enter".

Lot status “No Reserve”, „Below Reserve” and “Reserve met”, what does that mean?

During Auction, the Lots will have either have the Status “No Reserve”, „Below Reserve” or “Reserve met”. “No Reserve” means, that there is no reserve price set for this lot. This means that the highest bidder wins gets the surcharge without having to reach a reserve price. „Below Reserve” means that the reserve price for this lot set from the auctioneer/seller, has not yet been reached by a bid. If the reserve price is not met, the auctioneer/seller reserves the right to not award the surcharge to the highest bidder when the sale has ended. “Reserve met” means that the reserve price for this lot set from the auctioneer/seller, has been reached by a bid and the surcharge will be awarded to the highest bidder when the auction has ended.

How do I know which lots I have won after the auction has concluded?

Once the auction has come to an end, all successful buyers will either receive direct feedback from the Seller/Auctioneer that you have won a bid or the respective Proforma invoice within 48 hours to include all your successfully surcharged and purchased lots.

Where can I find a past Auction and the respective starred, won or lost lots?

Your starred, winning and loosing bids are still available just for you after the according salesevent has benn closed and archived.

You can go back to archived sales through the link "Auctions" in the main navigation and then by clicking on "Archived Auctions" in the dropdown menu. Or by clicking on the link "Archived Auctions" in the homepage footer.

The most recent sales are always listed on top.

If you are not sure whether the sale has been archived or not, please contact the according project manager of the sale. Normally it takes one working day until the sales are archived.

Terms of Sales and Invoicing:

Which payment methods do we offer?

No cash or credit cards accepted as well as no digital payment methods like Paypal, Google Pay or crypto currencies. Only direct bank transfers are accepted to pay open invoices.

What are the options to buy from Maynards?

Maynards conducts Online Auction Sales, Private Treaty Sales and Tender Sales.

Online Auction Sale - a Sale conducted as Live Online Auction where Registrants can bid in real time on certain assets

Private Treaty Sale - a Sale, where certain Assets for sale will be sold on private negotiated basis with each customer

Tender Sale - a Sale, where all interested parties will be asked to provide their best offers for certain assets until a defined date and time

What is the "Buyer's Premium"?

The "Buyer's Premium" is a charge in addition to the hammer price (i.e. the winning bid announced) of an auction item. The winning bidder is required to pay both, the hammer price and the the "Buyer's Premium". For Example, when the Winning Bid is 1.000€, and the percentage of the "Buyer's Premium" is 18%, 180€ will be charged.

 Please note that the percentage for the Buyer's Premium may vary with each sale.

What is the "Export Deposit"?

The "Export Deposit" is a preliminary charge for all international purchases (purchases from outside the country where asset is sold from) that serves as a deposit for the local VAT (Value Added Tax) and therefore as a guarantee, that the winning lots will be successfully exported by the Buyer. As soon as we receive proof in the form of a certificate of entry, corresponding accompanying export documents and confirmation of the forwarder, then the "Export Deposit" will be refunded to the customer. The "Export Deposit" will only be charged on the Asset net value. For example, when the Winning Bid is 1.000€, the "Export Deposit" charged is 200€.

By what time must the auctioned items be paid for at the latest?

The deadline for payment in full is 5 days after the receipt of the invoice.

Please also read our terms and conditions

Dismantling and Collecting:

Can I dismantle my own lots and how can I pick up my auctioned items?

Maynards Europe usually works together with trusted and professional preselected partners who handle all dismantling and loading services. This service and the related fee for it, is shown in the respective lot description as well as in the communication throughout the sales event and will be charged with the invoice for the surcharged and purchased Lots. Only in special cases the buyer can be allowed to dismantle, load and remove the purchased Lots on its own responsibility. The collection process differs depending on the sale. Usually there are two options:

 Option 1.

The auctioned items are dismantled and loaded by a company commissioned by Maynards on an appropriate vehicle provided by the customer. In this case there is usually a fee for each lot, which will be charged in addition to the hammer price, the Buyer's premium and the VAT. This amount is included in the item description. In special cases, the price for dismantling and loading is included in the hammer price.

The respective conditions and circumstances are communicated accordingly with each sale.

Option 2.

The auctioned items must be removed and collected by the buyer´s own staff or by a technically competent service provider commissioned by the buyer. In all cases any staff carrying out work on site must have the required work permits. Maynards reserves the right to check the personnel provided by the customer or the personnel of the contracted service provider in advance and to monitor them during the work. If the work does not meet the communicated conditions, it must be discontinued.

The respective conditions and circumstances are communicated separately for each sale.

Please also read our terms and conditions

By when do my auctioned items have to be picked up?

The deadline for the collection of the items purchased in auctions or through other sales differs for each and is communicated separately (i.e. at times found on the invoice or collection note. In the event that a service provider commissioned by Maynards carries out the dismantling and dispensing of the items, the dates and deadlines will be communicated and set by them in consultation with Maynards.

Please also read our terms and conditions