Are you interested in one of our machines but there is no time for an inspection appointment? Do you want to see more than just a plain auction catalogue without the possibility to discover the factory like when you're participating in an on-site auction?

With our virtual 3D-Tours you can now enjoy the benefits of both, the convenience of an online auction and the advantage of on-site-auction but without any appointment stress and huge personal expenses directly at your working place.

For selected salesevents with the release of the online catalogue we are releasing also the related 3d-model of the facility that is object of the recovery measures. You can enter this individually created model through the promoted link that will be displayed on top of the auction catalogue. Similar to a video game you can explore the factory model and inspect the equipment as it was recorded previously by our marketing staff.

State-of-the-art technology for presenting realestate and assets makes this possible. The whole model is based on photographs of the entire equipment and factory. You will experience an authentic image of the real situation on-site. Only the photographs are put together by digital processing to create a connected 3D-model. Details won't be adulterated.

The result: an unique, virtual tour that allows you to experience our auction catalogues in an interactive and immersive way.

A-Kaiser Strasskirchen 3D-Tour

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ABB Łódź 3D-Tour

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JD Norman Hörselberg-Hainich 3D-Tour

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